Everyone screams a little differently; it depends on if they put you in head first or feet first. When they put you in feet first, the sound is so shrill I’m surprised it doesn’t shatter the glass of this tank. Going in feet first, well, the shrieking can only be code for, “Holy $%&#, I didn’t think it was going to be THAT bad. How much longer is this going to take? Seriously!” When they put you in head first, you scream in anticipation ‘cause once you hit the water, your cries are literally drowned out as your esophagus blisters and your eyes melt into jelly. At that point, who knows what you’re crying about more. At some point, I’ll find out. But not before Margot.

They just pulled her from the tank. She’s stuck in the vice-like grip of gigantic metal tongs which curiously extend from one towering monster’s hand. Not really sure why they do that; they seem strong enough to handle us. I mean, they were when they caught us. But, I digress.

I don’t see the point of squirming like what Margot’s doing right now – the monster’s grip is too strong – nor do I see the point of pleading for mercy – the monsters don’t seem to understand our language. My hope is that these beasts understand rudimentary sign language. I want to communicate with these strangely limbed beings that I’d like to meet my end head on, no pun intended. I’m just assuming I’ll die faster or at least go into shock so quickly that I can’t feel the pain as I die. They should be able to understand sign language if they can boil water, right?

And there it goes, lowering Margot towards the boiling water. Huh, I wonder if the stream rising from the water opens your pores before you make the plunge. Would that make this last bath hurt even more? She’s real close now, wriggling, writhing, and yelling at them to stop. They don’t know what she’s saying; would it even matter? Judging by the skill with which we were caught and confined, I think these creatures have been doing this for a long time. Surely, they’ve heard all manners of our beggings for life. Why stop now? I bet we taste so good they can’t help themselves. Yeah, we taste so damn good that our cries of unimaginable pain never even register.

I’m not surprised none of us were ever told being boiled to death in a pot of scolding water was ever a way we might die. Maybe it’s too gruesome to think about. Maybe no one ever survives to tell the tale is more likely. Let’s see if Margot survives. She’s very close now and, oh shit! they just dropped her in. I’ve never seen them do that before. That’s fucked up. You hope to go head first, you’re panicking, not wanting to go feet first, then they pull this shit! Wow, that’s got to be the worst split second of anyone’s life. I can’t imagine Margot’s surprise. Fuck!

And she’s done. Bell pepper red at that. That’s not a color you find naturally among my people, like, ever. Then again, can you really be surprised what technologically advanced aliens can do when they have the means to leave their environment and easily take you away from yours? Sure, us humans can easily go into the sea or even space for a little while but we’re certainly not at ease in those environments. These guys, I bet these guys do this all manners of sentient life.

Here come the tongs. My turn! Well, well, well, this is a shitty way to go. Ow! Really, are they trying to crush me to death before they cook me?! Okay ‘ol chap, point to your head and then the water, point to your head and then the water – are you shits getting this? Not feet first! THIS IS MY HEAD AND THAT IS THE WATER; ARE YOU STUPID? No, not feet first! NOT FEET FIRST! SHIT FUCK ME FUCK ME FUCK ME NOT FEET FIIIRST YOU FUCKERSSS.

Yeah, for a few seconds there it hurts way more than you thi…


All Rights Reserved © September 2017 John J Vinacci

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