[Author’s note: This song dates back to 1999! I’ve always felt there was a certain beauty to the simplicity of the lyrics.]

I slept beneath the cherry tree for a little while / Until I woke up 10 years from now not knowing what my life’s about / I’ve only known direction when it kicked me in the face / But I cannot stop believing there’ll be a saving grace – I go on waging war / On faith and not much more / Until the battles that I fight wash me up on safer shores / I’ll bleed

The old man next to me is clinging to some poetry / Reminiscing days that suddenly seem to slip away / He’s telling shameless stories about living all your dreams / But he’s helping me survive the weight I’m bringing down on me – Gripping with belief / He’s forgotten how to breath / Going on forever with words that don’t surrender / A need

A woman in the streets is cradling a newborn baby child / Hush hush angel now she sings her son a lullabye / Maybe that was me with the possibilities open wide / But I cannot changed what’s done / But today I will decide – That I’ve got something to give / That we’ve all got lives to live / But my road ain’t paved for nothing, I can battle armed with something / To believe


All Rights Reserved (c) April 2017 John J Vinacci

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