The One

“I’m telling you, she’s the one,” Robert said.

“Dude, you’ve had what, six beers now?” Robert’s evil goateed roommate replied.

“Always trying to talk me out of what’s good for me, Scottie. You’re a real pal,” Robert sneered as the last drops of his sixth beer snaked out of its bottle like a genie.

“Tell you what, Robby, you go for it. You’re not going to remember her in the morning anyway.” Scott turned away from Robert and started talking to Pat about the pros and cons of the two-point conversion.

Robert started walking towards the cute, blurry redhead who had been abandoned by her one friend who went off to dance with some frat asshole. The six doses of liquid courage bolstered his confidence. “She’s a little bunny rabbit and I am a big bad wolf. Target acquired. I’m locked and loaded.”

By the time he had reached her at the bar, though, Robert was reconsidering. She was the one after all. He questioned himself; was he really going to seduce her with his macho-bullshit attitude? He stood just within her field of vision.

Amanda turned toward him, looked him up and down and raised her eyebrows without smiling, effectively asking, What the hell do you want, freak?

“Uh, hi. Hi…” What should he say, his name? Should he go with Robert, Robby, Bobby or Bob? For a moment he couldn’t decide and after that moment he thought he was taking too long. He’d better just say something.

“My friends are over there talking about football. I saw you and didn’t care anymore. Shit! Sorry. Not about saying ‘shit.’ I mean, about the line.” Robert put his head in his hands and raised his head again.

“What I want to say is, my name’s Robert. I saw you and…I just wanted to meet you.”

The young woman thought it was cute that Robert had taken this chance and called himself out on his own BS, so honest. What an admirable trait in a human being, she consciously recorded. What an admirable trait in a potential husband, she subconsciously noted.

“My name’s Amanda. Nice to meet you, Robert,” Bethany replied.


All Rights Reserved © July 2016 John J Vinacci

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