You’ve always been my favorite attraction

Fun and amusing the best distraction

But now you’re packing up

And shutting down the park I love

When you go the thrill is gone

Were you ever where I belonged?


I’ve always been a fan of your affair

With awe and praise I fantasized

Everything that wasn’t there

And now I’m a rodeo clown

Up on a high wire looking down

High and dry without a prize

Is how you left me hanging inside

Of Never Ever Land


This has been a fool’s show

A place where I go

Called Never Ever Land

A carnival with tricks galore

Wonderful all summer long

That might as well be sand

The fortune teller’s secret and prophecy

Should have warned me

That I’m another fan of the smoke and mirrors

And the cotton candy

Of Never Ever Land


You’ll always be on tour and leaving the state

Too bad I bought your tickets

Before I learned my mistake

That your show was only temporary

An extraordinary world that was imaginary

Fire breathers leave the stage

A three ringed circus never to be tamed

Called Never Ever Land

Never Ever Land

Never Ever

Ever Land






All Rights Reserved © June 2016 John J Vinacci

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